Project area B "Processes" deals with manufacturiung principles of additive processes. The focus will be the development of a comprehensive process understanding of the consolidation mechanisms. Especially with regard to modified / functionalized materials (area A) and multi-material systems, new process strategies should be explored and developed. This allows for the realization of both, the processing of new materials and the required process stability to produce in the long term production-ready parts in short cycle times.


Part Project B1
DEM Simulation of Production Processes Using Geometrically Complex Particles
Part Project B2
Process Strategies for Selective Electron Beam Melting
Part Project B3
Laser Beam Melting of Polymers
Part Project B4
Mesoscopic Simulation of Selective Beam Melting
Part Project B5
Additive Manufacturing of Metal Assemblies with Formed Sheet-Body Materials
Part Project B6
Efficient Additive Manufacturing of Multi-Material-Parts